John Bacon, an eminent sculptor and favourite of George 3, was grandfather of Rev John Bacon #78 who married Mary Baruh Lousada #69. This sculpture of him is at the Victoria and Albert Museum. John Bury is his great-great-great-great grandson. In St James Park London can be found this statue of King William 3, started by John Bacon and finished by his son John Bacon Jnr, father of Rev John Bacon. Note the molehill, the creator of which was long toasted by Jacobites in the belief that it caused a fatal fall of the King who ended the line of Stuart Kings of England.   Rotunda commemorating Admiral Sir George Brydges 1st Baron Rodney 1718-92 in Spanish Town Jamaica. Rodney is remembered for saving Jamaica from the French in 1782. The rotunda and statue within were the work of John Bacon Snr who, as noted by his descendant John Bury, rather cornered the market for memorials in the West Indies. He was shrewd in this respect, and consequently not very popular with his contemporaries. He has twelve works in Jamaica, and the Rodney memorial is the grandest, housed in its own rotunda. There is a model of it in the Victoria & Albert Museum. His son also has three works in Jamaica, Barbados and St Kitts, and more than a dozen in India.   Image of Daniel Taylor, father in law of John Bacon jnr, provided by John Bury who is thus his great-great-great-great grandson