Photographs of the Council Chamber at the Guildhall, Bath - Sep 2013


History of the Mayors of Bath

Shown by the Archivist - Sep 2013   Simon Barrow 1837   Register of Mayors and Aldermen   Signed oath of Simon Barrow accepting office of Mayor - comparison of the 9 Nov 1837 date and the 14 Mar date of the image on the right suggests that Simon Barrow's oath was actually recorded late in his term!   Signed oath of office by Aldermen 1837: the Assistant Archivist by email on 26 Oct 2012 advised that Simon Barrow had 6 terms as alderman from 1836   The amendment to the list of aldermen is dated 30 Aug 1837 and confirms our interpretation that Simon Barrow's written oath was made late in his term.