Descendants of Simon Barrow


1. Simon Barrow

25 Iyer 5561 death #280 from ref 61 which also gives an analysis of conflicting data about the life and death of Simon Barrow of Barbados

His will was 'entered' on 21 May 1801 in Barbados (see Frank Cheesman's notes on Though this death date precedes the entry of the will by 13 days, this is - as today - a very short time to have probate proven but perhaps there were no challenges.

A probable red herring is that gives Judith Lumbroso de Matos Mocatta #65 as his wife - and certainly this reference gives the same parents (of the two brothers Abraham and Jacob Lumbroso de Matos Mocatta plus the 2 daughters Judith and Gracia Lumbroso de Matos Mocatta) as the two parents of Abraham and Jacob as nominated by ie Moses Lambroso de Mattos and Rebecca Sarah Mocatta. However, also gives the Judith's husband's lifespan as 1705-59  and also gives the husband of Judith Lumbroso de Matos Mocatta as an Ashkenazi Jew emigrating to the US in the 1800s and so we should probably dismiss this particular candidate for the first wife of our Simon Barrow.

Bailah Montefiore

spelling from family records (rear of image of Simon Barrow of Bath held by Peter Barrow) see - go to image of Simon Barrow of Bath. has Isabel Montefiore as the wife of Simon Barrow 1 and so does the Barrow family tree.  

death of Bella from ref 61 #281

We are seeking confirmation for our conjecture that she was a sister of the first English Montefiore!

Edgar Samuel provided the following information on her gravestone inscription:
Simon's wife Bella died (281) on 1st October 1773 aged 53. They are buried side by side in Bridgetown, Barbados cemetery.
In the Hebrew epitaph on her tombstone, which he obviously drafted, his name is given as Shimon bar Baruch, which is the Ashkenasi form for 'Simon son of Baruch'.
by email 5 May 2013

2. Baruch Barrow

Predeased Joseph Barrow
death from Barrow Tree
he was probably the eldest son and hence born around 1742

Joseph and Baruch Barrow of Barbados given power of attorney over the estate of Moses Nunes on 16 Jan 1786 ref 44/162 Barbados Registration Office

Sarah Massiah

mentioned in will of father-in-law Simon Barrow

confusingly Sarah the wife of Haim Barrow is not mentioned in this will yet her death is recorded in Shilstone as 12 Sep 1823 but Baruch's wife does not appear in Shilstone - perhaps the Cheesman notes inadvertently omitted her or perhaps the grave of Baruch's wife was lost

however she is in the will of Simeon Massiah probate 6 Nov 1787 - he was a merchant died 12 Oct 1787 and is perhaps a sister. The wife of Joseph Barrow was probably a niece of Simeon Massiah - listed in ref 132 as daughter of Abraham son of Simon

3. Haim Barrow

death from Shilstone #265

Sarah Barrow

death from Shilstone
birth 1741 or 1742
she may have died in London, for the Bevis Marks burial register appears to show her last payment to have been in 5584 the year of her death (this Jewish year including the last part of the previous corresponding Gregorian year)

her move to London must have been before the will dated 21 May 1801 of Simon Barrow her father-in-law because she does not appear in it. Jacob Barrow appeared in London before his 1785 marriage so perhaps she went around 1790 after her husband's death.

6. Judith Barrow

BMR6 4390

7. Sarah Barrow

BMR6 4391

9. Rebecca Barrow

See for a comment on her burial to her brother Joseph (Bevis Marks Part VI 4568) a few months later her BMR6 ref is 4569.

see cemeteryscribes - probate 17 July 1829

see and its ref 61 for a comment on the Barbados Rebecca Barrow

In her will Rebecca leaves a bequest to Walter Jacob Levi of Sydney! He may be the son of Jacob Joseph Levi Eve's son

Rebecca Barrow of Magdelen Row mentioned in the will of Moses Eliezer Montefiore #710