Averroes - a founder of western secular thought who introduced Aristotelian realism to the scholarly world of Muslim Spain   Street scene   The Museum of the History of Papermaking in which is illustrated how the transmission of papermaking from China and the Middle East fostered the spread of learning to Spain   Inside the Cordoba synagogue - built in 1315 and after 1492 used for other things until in 1885 restoration commenced. It is one of only 3 remnant synagogues in Spain.   Another view of the interior of the Cordoba synagogue    Another street scene    In the Museo de Bellas Artes de Cordoba was seen - from the collection of the Casa de Sefarad - a page from 'Chants Judeo-Espagnoles' vol 1 collected by Isaac Levy and published by Federation Sephardite Mondiale, London 1969. The Casa de Sefarad was also visited and was seen to contain material on Maimonides, persecution by the Inquisition, and much else. Many images of the Casa de Sefarad may be readily found on the internet.   In the Museo de Bellas Artes de Cordoba can be found this painting by Rafael Romero Barros 1832-95. He and his son Enrique Romero de Torres 1872-1956 worked on the restoration of the Cordoba synagogue and Enrique became director of the Museo in 1941.