We explore the multiple Pressburg descent of the Barrows like Julian and Ed while John is (also Scott's wife) at most a single Pressburg descendant - for Baruch cannot have a genetic connection with Simon Michael Pressburg and/or Hannah Menzels any greater than that of each of their children! All 4 people have single Lousada ancestry. We reviewed the total autosomal matches using 12 Schoenberg kits and 9 Barrow Lousada kits as shown here in a chart with many fascinating details. Below we show a subset, this time using Q-match which GEDmatch recommends for analyzing small segments:


Before we interpret this data, we note that John Griffiths is 1 generation younger than Julian and Ed Barrow, and hence his DNA descending from Baruch's generation has been diluted by an extra 50%. It may seem somewhat crude, but we normalise John's segments by doubling them. Of course Ed would be a double Pressburg descendant, and Julian is in effect a triple descendant because his 2*GGF (who was a son of a Barrow) married a Barrow 1st cousin. Our original thought was that - as shown in the 1st yellow number in the table - Julian might show greater Pressburg matches than Ed, John and Scott's wife with Ed showing greater matches than John and Scott's wife. The second yellow figure promptly disabused us. (The 3rd and 4th yellow figures echo this). Scott's wife is of the same generation as Julian and Ed and her data does not need normalisation in the sense used above. But Scott's wife, having Hungarian ancestry, has multiple connections with both of Randy's parents. The pink numbers show this. In the Pressburg context, Scott's wife is much more closely connected than her single Baruch and Baruch Lousada matches would provide.

Avoiding the statistical noise we see with Randy and his sister, in what follows we look at their parents. Because genealogy appears to tell us that Pressburg ancestry flows principally through Randy's father, we turn to him first. It will be seen that there little to suggest that Julian, Ed and John match Randy's father differently. The picture emerging is thus that we do not see evidence of multiple Pressburg ancestry of Julian and Ed. Accordingly in view of the established ancestry of Baron Lyon de Symons and Samuel Pressburg the most likely explanation is that Baron Lyon de Symons was not the biological father of Tryphena Esther Lyon de Symons the wife of Simon Barrow of Bath. In addition, we do not know what genetic connection existed between Baruch and the Pressburgs but as noted above it will be less than parent/child. That is, Julian/Ed/John/Scott's wife may have no specific Pressburg genetics in common.

Elsewhere we point to the indications of Baruch Lousada ancestry of Randy's mother and probably Randy's father as well. Thus above we may be simply looking at distant Baruch Lousada genetics mixed in with unidentified Central European Jewish ancestry deriving from Baruch.